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Rose Mintiz

Rose Mintiz
Rose Mintiz
Rose Mintiz
Rose Mintiz
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Rose Mintiz
Rose Mintiz
Rose Mintiz
Rose Mintiz


Fennel Seeds. Confectionery (Ingredients Sugar,

Fennel Seeds, Seasame Seeds, Amaranth Seeds, Indian

Gooseberry), Dry Dates, Crystal Fruit, Coriander Pulse & Flavour.

Contains Permitted Natural Food Colours – Turmeric (E-100i),

Caramel (E-150d), Chlorophyll (9E-140), & Annatto (E-160b)

Shelf Life :

12 Months

Wellubia (Well + Bia)

Word Bia is known as food in Irish language.

We at Wellubia aim to provide you with best quality of seed mixes and mouth fresheners out there in the market.

From our house to yours, our goal is your Well-being.

Rose Mintiz
🌹 Unveil the magic of Rose Mukhwas, where nature's finest secrets converge to create an extraordinary mouth-freshening experience! Indulge in a symphony of flavors with a meticulous fusion of handpicked ingredients – the sweetness of sugar, the aromatic allure of fennel seeds, the nutty charm of sesame seeds, the wholesome crunch of amaranth seeds, the tangy twist of Indian gooseberry, the richness of dry dates, the enchanting surprises of crystal fruit, and the tantalizing zest of coriander pulse.

💫 Each exquisite bite is a journey through time-honored traditions and culinary artistry, capturing the essence of ancient remedies and contemporary tastes. Savor the harmonious blend of flavors that dance on your taste buds, refreshing your senses and transforming every breath into a delightful moment.

🌿 Let the goodness of Rose Mouth Freshner embrace you with its captivating aroma, transporting you to lush gardens blooming with fragrant roses. Our carefully crafted formula ensures that you experience the perfect balance of nature's bounty, leaving you with a long-lasting breath that's as captivating as a summer breeze.

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