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Paan Mukhwas

Indulge in the tantalizing flavors of paan with our Paan Mukhwas, now available for purchase online. This exquisite mouth freshener captures the essence of traditional paan in a convenient and delectable form.

Our Paan Mukhwas is a harmonious blend of aromatic ingredients, including betel leaves, areca nuts, and spices, creating a refreshing and palate-pleasing experience. It's the perfect after-meal treat or a quick refreshment anytime, anywhere.

By offering Paan Mukhwas online, we bring this beloved Indian tradition to your doorstep. Now you can enjoy the rich and vibrant flavors of paan without the need to visit a paan stall. Our online store ensures you have easy access to this delightful Paan mouth freshener.

Sadabahar Pan Sadabahar Pan
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Ingredients:Dry Dates, Fennel Seeds, Betel Leaves,Added Sugar, Indian Goosberry, Sweetened Rose PetalPaste & Spice Extract. Contains Permitted Natural FoodColours-INS-150d.Contains Nature Identical Flavour – Rose.Shelf Life:12 MonthsWellubia (Well + Bia)Word Bia is known as food in Irish languag..
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