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Cumin Nibbles

Cumin Nibbles
Cumin Nibbles
Cumin Nibbles
Cumin Nibbles
Cumin Nibbles
Cumin Nibbles
Cumin Nibbles
Cumin Nibbles


Sweetened Rose Petal Paste 40%, Added Sugar

25%, Cumin Seed Powder 25%, Mixed Spices 9%, Coriander

Seed Powder 5%, Dry Mango Powder 5%, Acidity Regulator –

330 & Edible Salt 1%.

Shelf Life:

12 Months

Wellubia (Well + Bia)

Word Bia is known as food in Irish language.

We at Wellubia aim to provide you with best quality of seed mixes and mouth fresheners out there in the market.

From our house to yours, our goal is your Well-being.

Cumin Nibbles
🌹 Unveil the enchanting world of Cumin Nibbles, where every bite is a delightful journey for your senses! Delicately crafted with the essence of Sweetened Rose Petal Paste, Cumin Seed Powder, and a tantalizing fusion of Mixed Spices and Coriander Seed Powder, this exquisitely balanced blend captures the true essence of indulgence.

🌱 At the heart of Jeera Goli lies the revered Cumin Seed Powder, a timeless treasure known for its extraordinary digestive prowess. Embrace the centuries-old wisdom that Cumin graciously imparts, soothing your stomach and easing any discomfort. Embrace the symphony of flavors as they dance on your palate, transporting you to a state of pure bliss.

🍃 Discover the culinary magic of Jeera Goli Mukhwas, thoughtfully handcrafted to perfection, elevating your snacking moments to a divine affair. Savor the richness of ancient traditions, expertly blended with a touch of modernity, as this remarkable digestive delicacy embraces your taste buds in its warm embrace.

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